17 July 2012

Lake Tahoe Trip - Summer 2012

A few weeks ago, we decided that we need to get out again - just for a weekend completely gone from pretty much everything. Taking the bikes is always a good thing as it relaxing for the body (except for body parts you sit on) and mind (except when it gets too packed or curvy).

For us it is something we enjoy immensely as it is time we have together, we can talk all day long through our Sena bluetooth intercom or just let the countryside pass by and enjoy the ride. We do both - depending on the mood. Often enough we have the intercom on standby and just ride, but whenever we want to talk, we can.

So, what we decided to do was a longer trip than our normal short (half-) day trips. And Lake Tahoe is always a good destination. Therefore we planned on repeating the route I had done on my R1200GS in summer 2010: Bay Area - Central Valley - CA132 - CA49 - CA88 - Carson City (stay there overnight) - CA395 to Mono Lake - CA120 through Yosemite and then the straight way home.

Here are some impressions from the trip:

Somewhere along CA49

Beautiful Lake along CA88

Having Fun Along 88

More Fun on 88

Andrea - Concentrating

Organized Chaos after arriving in the Hotel

Yosemite National Park - CA120

Proof we were there!


Must have mirror photo

As always - a stop at Don Pedro Reservoir

Tiger with Luggage for the Weekend

We had an awesome trip and learned quite a few things for longer trips on these bikes. More to follow in a separate post!


  1. Awesome. glad you had such a great time and it looks like nice weather too.

    Love the obligatory mirror pic. We always have to have one of those too. Looking forward to your second post and the things you learned.

  2. I totally agree that this a nice time spent together, we enjoy our trips much more since we own the communication devices. No more funny hand signs that can be misunderstood...

    I am surprised you didn't encounter loads of traffic, at least it looks like open road in you pics.

    The 'chaoes' picture is obviously fairly normal with the motorcycle crowd ;-)

  3. I have to say that Yosemite, of all of the national parks that I've been to, has given me the best memories. Maybe it was a combination of the scenery and the company, but it is just a great place - if you can hike in far enough to get away from the riffraff. Of course, I did have to share a tent with the Big Swede, and sleeping in his armpit, basically cause the tent wasn't big enough, was not the best for relations... but you make due. Beautiful photoset, makes me honestly jealous.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

    1. Yes, Yosemite is something really, really special. We absolutely love it there. Passing through. Hiking. Climbing. It's just plain beautiful!