28 June 2012

GPS Relocation and Tool Storage

After I installed the Touratech Tankbag on my little Tiger 800 and also tilted the Palmer windshield differently, I ended up with my GPS interfering with either one or the other as it was mounted on the left side of the handle bar, right next to the controls and was moving too much back and forth and sticking out too high in its mount.

Not a problem though, I added a different RAM mount (Did I mention that I love RAM mounts?) to the handle bar clamp and everything is golden again:

Handle Bar Clamp RAM Mount for GPS

This worked out to be really great as it moves the GPS also in a better position for me. I now have the choice of a center mounted or a slightly left mounted GPS (the speedo is still visible, it's just the camera angle):

Center Mounted GPS

Left Mounted GPS

Overall, I really like the GPS there as it doesn't move around as much anymore and doesn't get plastered in bugs after a longer ride ...

The other thing that bugged me for a while was my heavy tool roll which I was carrying around in my topcase as the OEM tools of the Tiger are just as bad a joke as the BMW ones. In the topcase the tool roll was a 2kg heavy item on the loose as I rarely have much else in there and I absolutely didn't like the thing in there all the time.

Now, the Tiger has some space under the passenger seat where you can put the OEM Triumph U-Lock. I've never used a U-Lock on a bike and I'm not going to, therefore that space could be modified to take my tools. I cut out the plastic holders for the lock to create a more open space and voila, here it is:

Kriega Tool Roll Under the Rear Seat

This tool roll has pretty much everything I might need when on the road - I need to optimize just a bit more towards the Tiger, it's still a bit BMW biased, but I also might need it for Andrea's BMW F650GS, therefore I can't take too much out. But I might still be able to optimize slightly. Here's a not too good photo of the contents, I will save a full list of items and better photos for a separate entry.

Tool Roll Contents

It fits perfectly together with a small rag in that space under the seat, is in a position where I can't bang around anymore and where the weight is way better positioned than high up and all the way to the rear inside the topcase.

One of the next tasks will be to get the 12V power cable I have for the GPS and the Touratech cradle mated with a Powerlet plug and I can drive my GPS right from the socket next to the ignition key. I can already do this with a RAM cradle I have for the GPS and a full Powerlet cable but I actually like the Touratech cradle so will probably continue to use that one and adapt the cable to the Tiger.


  1. RAM mounts are awesome. I have at least one on each bike, yep, even on the Vespa. And they are so versatile.

    As for the toolkit, I still have a metric one from CruzTools, Which, coming to think of it is a lot of weight and actually wouldn't help me with the Sportster...

    I like the Kriega sized kit.

    1. Yeah, I have had RAM mounts on all bikes since I have used the GPS. It is just so flexible. I might even add some more to the bike to attach a video camera, but that's a future project ...

      Regarding the tools: the CruzTools stuff is really good, but yes, you're right a metric toolkit won't help you too much with Rover. I had pretty much all tools I needed and therefore bought the empty tool roll and put in what I think is needed. From wrenches over sockets to drivers to pliers, voltage checker, allen keys, pretty much all stuff I had before. I'm adding and taking out things all the time to optimize for size and weight.

      In the next weeks I'll take some time and really take it apart, check the bike(s) what I really need and put only that stuff in. The space under the seat is actually fairly big, the roll is quite high and bulky and I love that it fits. It's a tight fit, but that's good, too, as it locks the roll in place and it doesn't rattle around.