19 March 2012

Touratech Pricing Again

By chance I stumbled over absolutely insane Touratech USA pricing again. Somehow they must be completely nuts. It's unbelievable.

For a Kahedo tankbag:

Touratech Germany (before tax): $198 (USD after conversion from EUR)
Touratech USA (before tax): $372.30 (USD)

This is ridiculous. I can only recommend to never ever buy anything from these guys. I will certainly not buy anything there again. It's plain too crazy.

The price in Germany is high, but it's not completely out of this world. The US pricing is a joke. And a bad one, too.


  1. Ouch. That is a crazy price difference.

    I've never ordered anything from them as they seem to be bit high on everything.

  2. I guess the traveller crowd that's buying this stuff is far too wealthy over here ;-)

  3. I think it's people that have no natural "WTF" effect on insane pricing. Wealthy people actually normally have this, it's the ones that think they get something special for pricing like this. The ones watching "Long Way Down" with all the Touratech stickers on the bikes ...

    The thing is: their stuff certainly is good - but not good enough for this pricing. And especially not to justify any such price difference between Germany and the US. I just think that the US distributor is a big a... - whatever, no explicits here. And I think it's really, really stupid that Touratech Germany doesn't slap them on the fingers for the pricing. Stupid strategy.

  4. Guido:

    I have purchased "stuff" from Twisted Throttle", indirectly from an outlet here for my V-strom. Don't know if they have Tiger Accessories ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Yeah, they have stuff for the Tiger. I've ordered there before, too. Better prices, slightly better service, though they often don't tell you when things are backordered. Kind of annoying. So far I'm trying to hold of from buying too many things - want to wait until I get used to the bike (it's rainy here at the moment, not inclined to ride it), before I make too many changes.