17 March 2012

Private Blog Moved Here, Too

After realizing that the last entry on our private blog was from about a year ago (vacation on Maui), I decided to just point www.event-s.net to here, too.

Makes no sense keeping a Mac Mini running at home all the time and having it just idle around for nothing. We'll likely replace it with a 3rd generation AppleTV sooner or later and keep it around as the "desktop" computer. Seems that the hard drive is also making trouble, the poor guy takes forever to boot and do anything with disk IO.

Therefore - don't be surprised when you get redirected here.


  1. I used to run a server out of the house as well but have since moved the mail server to Google Apps (free) and shutdown the Wordpress site I used to run. From reading the logs, I was surprised at all of the break-in attempts from address space assigned to a Chinese ISP. Thousands per day. I figured that I didn't need the hassle...

  2. I was running custom server software I wrote myself on that Mac Mini. Yes, I saw all those break-in attempts, too, but they were completely fruitless. Apache is well secured and I'm not aware of any weaknesses in the WebObjects code I was using. That stuff was written mainly in 2006/2006 and has worked flawlessly since then. It just came down to the point that I'm not tinkering with it anymore and I rarely ever write an entry. Therefore it became fairly useless to run my own server.

    And regarding Google: I dislike Google enough that I'm thinking of moving even this blog to somewhere else where I might even pay for it, but I haven't found anything much better than my own software (which doesn't run on app engine) or Blogger here. So, for the time being, everything will stay here.

  3. As you are looking for better blogging software than google, keep us posted please. Roland doesn't like Blogger at all...