27 March 2012

It's Raining Cats & Dogs ...

... for quite a while now. Yeah, I know we need the water, we need the rain. But damn it, it's raining most of the time since I got the new bike. Getting really frustrated here.

At least I received a few goodies which I will install when I find a bit more time when it's not as cold in the garage as it is right now. Got a rear hugger (piece of sh..), front fender extender (not yet checked), Triumph gel seat (nice, but only tested around the block so far), rear paddock stand bobbins, Triumph radiator guard. Also still have to mount the heated grips and this seems to be a longer task, quite a few bits and pieces to be done for this.

Still on order: Tiger XC handle bar risers (+30mm), R&G bar end weights. The bars vibrate quite a bit at the moment but I guess that will settle down once the engine is properly adjusted. Will have to see when I find time to do this.

Other than that, the top case mounting plate from AltRider didn't fit, I've sent it back to AltRider, awaiting their re-designed one. Not sure when this will show up, but hopefully soon, so that I can use my top case again. I plan on getting a smaller top case, too, don't want to ride around with the large Givi V46 all the time when I mostly only need one third of the space.

Reviews for all those items coming, but I plain didn't have enough time even riding the bike plain as is - still only have 300 miles on it. Just too rainy at the moment.


  1. I too will be glad when the rains stop. Of course for us in Oregon that'll be about June or July.

    All the farkles for the bike sound great. Installation will give you something to do while it rains.

    Darn cold garages, you need one of those round electric heaters from Costco - that is what we finally bought. Without it on it is way too cold to work out there.

  2. Ah, it should get warm enough soon. It's nearly April, just a lot of rain here at the moment. Hopefully it'll be nice over the easter weekend. Yeah, the farkle install will take some time, especially the heated grips. Will have to see how this will work out. Never done grips before.

  3. Farkling up the Triumph seems to become a bit of a cumbersome experience... and the rain doesn't help.

  4. Yeah, so far I'm not that convinced that I made good choices with the aftermarket things I selected so far. The Triumph things are great, just haven't installed all of them yet, haven't had the time and temperature in the garage ...

  5. Guido:

    let me think, it's raining up here a lot, think Rain but cold, rather than warm, California Rain. I think I know which one I would choose. but I agree that SUN is better

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. You'd be surprised how cold it was here lately. It feels like we had a really cold winter. I'm really ready for summer here.