04 March 2012


Maybe I shouldn't have done that test ride ...

2012 Triumph Tiger 800

In short, this is the most exciting motorcycle I ever had. It's incredibly easy to ride, an engine that is the best I have ever experienced in a bike, easy handling, unique sound.

Yesterday we rode up to Concord, CA, to trade in my R1200GS for this black 2012 Tiger. We rode back on small B roads along Mt. Diablo and through Morgan Territory - a nice ride and perfect for breaking in a new engine. And what an engine that is ... you could put in 4th or 5th gear and ride it all the way home if you really wanted to. Insane.

More to come ...


  1. Congratulations! Let the farkelization begin ;-)

  2. Hooray, another Triumph owner. The 800's sure seem to be nice bikes. I've sat on them but haven't test ridden one yet. Probably a good thing.

    Those test ride.....that's how they get ya.

    Congrats on the new bike. Looking forward to your ride reports.

  3. Way to go, I love that triple motor. Now to change your header and bike tab.

  4. Yeah, I'll work on that part over the next days. Will also move the site here to www.event-s.net instead of r1200gs.event-s.net ... one step at a time ... ;-)

    And yes, those triples are intoxicating. i've ridden bikes with all kinds of engines before, Honda V2 (TransAlp, Africa Twin), V4 (VFR750F, ST1100), BMW twins (F800GS), boxer (R1200GS), Suzuki, Ducati and KTM V2s, BMW, Honda and Yamaha inline 4s, Triumph 1050, and so on. The 800 Triple beats them all for my taste.

    @Sonja - yes, I got a few things with the bike (engine bars, heated grips, gel seat) and they still need to be installed / delivered. Also a few other things on order to make it just right (hand guards, paddock stand bobbins, auxiliary power socket). For all ergonomics and comfort items I give it some time to see what I really like to exchange in which order, but one thing is fairly urgent and that is a lockable luggage solution. Either a base plate for my Givi V46 or a small Pelican case as a top case. Then the impressions can settle in and I'll be looking into what I like and what I don't like.

    No hurry for anything but riding it yet ...

  5. Guido:

    You've just made me decide . . . not to get dragged into a test ride. I love those triple motors, and the sound.

    congrats on your new purchase, and miles of enjoyment

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Yeah, if you are not prepared to buy - don't test ride a Triumph Tiger 800/1050 or Street/Speed Triple. These bikes are really, really good.

  7. Congratulations on your new ride. Though now you need to go through the whole process of getting it outfitted again.... have fun!

  8. @Richard: that's right. I have already a bunch of things on order to deal with the most pressing items (engine bars, heated grips, GPS cable, seat, fender extenders, ... I was basically burning through the money I got from selling the GS accessories.

    Unfortunately, there are quite some things backordered and I'll have to see what's available soonish. The worst part is that there is no Triumph center stand available until at least June. And this sucks when the bike has a chain that wants to be maintained.

    More posts for this coming ...

  9. LOVE it! I have been considering a Triumph as a second bike..that looks yummy!!!