08 February 2012

Bye, Bye WR

It's done. The WR is sold. It was picked up last week. It was a short, but very intense relationship.

Somehow I feel bad about this. I loved the bike. I loved riding it with the street setup. Didn't like the dirt setup all too much, though. Shouldn't have done that. Should have just kept it in street attire and have fun with it in the mountains here. Damn it.

Somehow it doesn't feel right anymore. After riding the WR, the GS feels just too big and heavy to really have fun with it. It's awesome for longer distances, even longer day trips. But riding in the Santa Cruz Mountains - the WR was way more fun. Argl.

It's what it is. I got a car in December, it was a sane move to sell one of my bikes, but somehow it doesn't feel right anymore. Don't know what to do.

So, currently my feelings are it was no mistake selling this bike:

Dirt Setup

But somehow it feels like it was a mistake selling this bike:

Street Setup

What will my motorcycle future hold? I don't know. I might keep the GS - it's an awesome bike. I might get totally frustrated and want something lighter. I really don't know. I'll find out over the next few months.


  1. I know the feeling of letting go of a bike too well. The GS must feel like a bull in the proverbial china shop. You need a nimble yet comfortable ride for short distance... how would you feel about a Street Triple instead?

  2. Guido:

    I think I know what you mean. sometimes I think my Vstrom is too heavy. I sat on some lighter road bikes lately and I think I would want a road bike instead just to cut down on weight.

    You know what they say, it's more fun to ride a small bike fast than a big bike, slow

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Good luck on getting it all sorted out in your head.

    At times I still miss my Suzuki TU 250 even though it was rather small and not good for long distances. It was a hoot on the back roads and even gravel roads.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    @Sonja: As much as I'd like a Street Triple it is hard for me to imagine having one as my only bike. It is likely insane fun to ride one, but I have rather long legs and have to fold up a bit to get on. Even a long day trip might leave me cramped and with knees hurting. Unfortunately, I have no way to try one for long enough.

    @Bob: Yeah, thinking of pure road bikes is one way to look at it. Unfortunately there aren't many that I really like. It's a shame that most of the "standards" that are available in Europe aren't available here. Like the whole 600cc Japanese standard class.

    Overall, I'm uncertain what to do. The weight difference between my WR and the GS was about 100kg - which is quite crazy just thinking about it. To get anywhere in the middle a Street Triple or a Ducati Hypermotard 796 are about the heaviest to consider. Both are not available with ABS and both have very questionable touring qualities. Looking at a Tiger 800 - this is only about 15% lighter than my GS (30kg), that's not all too much. And other than that there isn't much out there that is even remotely interesting. Sure, there are a few bikes, but most of them have serious drawbacks and I don't know whether I want to deal with that.

  5. Guido:

    I also feel your dilemna. I'm thinking of something lighter weight, everything is too heavy & too high. I sat on a GS and it was higher than my Vstrom, same with the Tiger adventure, and the Tiger 800 or Tenere are sort of the same as what I have. The perfect bike seems to be the R1200R with bags. It is very light only around 400 lbs dry and has lots of power. why don't you go and sit on one ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Height isn't really a problem for me, other than that it moves the center of gravity up. I am flat footed on a GS Adventure and also on the WR with the standard suspension and the dirt wheels. So, that is no major concern. Sure, a lower bike generally feels a bit lighter as it has less leverage when getting away from you.

    The R1200R is one of my all time favorites for looks. Classy, but still modern and sporty lines. It's also fairly comfortable, not too heavy (though it's only 15 to 20kg lighter than my GS). It's still around 223kg as the base model, fuel it up completely (not 90%), add the ABS, OBC and you're looking at around 228 to 230kg road ready. That's pretty good compared to the measured weight of a GS of about 240 to 245kg fully fueled. It's also has around 50mm lower seat height and less height in the tank area, therefore moves the weight down significantly. The 17" front wheel makes it more nimble, too. Nevertheless, the weight difference isn't really that much.

    So, yeah, still the same dilemma - if there was an R like model with the Triumph 800cc triple - I'd jump at it right now. But the Street Triple is just a bit too small to be my everyday bike. Knees are bend pretty far, I lean forward, no luggage capacity at all (don't need that much, but some), no ABS. There are too many things coming together here. The Tiger fits my profile better. Don't like the chain though ... but I could manage. Hmpf. Nothing in sight ...

  7. I, too can relate! After riding a smaller bike the 1200 GS felt HUGE. Of course I went down to the 650 GS and then promptly rode to Texas...the whole way cursing myself for getting rid of the bigger bike! I have decided that everyone needs more than one bike...the bull for long distances and the fun, light, chipper bike that lets us all feel like we are riding something breezy and that excitement is within our grasp. I want to be able to fall down and laugh it off, without an expensive BMW repair! When you figure out what exactly those bikes are, let me know. I'm leaning toward the GS, a Street Triple, and a bike like your (gone) WR. Oh yeah. I think I need a bigger garage.