26 January 2012

Get out ...

Saw this on advrider.com and just have to share:

CHANCE ENCOUNTER from Josh Manning on Vimeo.

It reminds me of myself. Lots and lots of work, but I sooooo enjoy being on the bike, just having a great day somewhere in the area. Love the movie!


  1. Just a few adjustments here and there... sounds like a good plan to me. One of my personal adjustments: Got no raise, so I honored this with reducing my hours to a 40h workweek, leaving at 4PM has its charm, I can tell you. BTW I have FOUR weeks paid vacation now. Those little adjustments...

  2. wow, this speaks to me too. its sometimes all we can do to stay sane really, which is maybe why many of us are here or ride... a chance encounter, a slight change, anything can trigger a major life shift...and i like it! :) great post!

  3. Thanks for posting, it put a smile on my face.