26 October 2011

Sneaky Peek ...

For a trip I plan to make in November, here are some parts I have received something today that'll give you an impression of the planned ride:

Dunlop D606 Rear Tire

It's a set of Dunlop D606 tires. I'll mount them on 21" front and 18" rear rims I have already received. These are for my WR250X of course.

Items I have ordered to convert the "X" into a little Adventure Tourer:
  • 21" front rim, 18" rear rim
  • 44T rear sprocket
  • All necessary bits and pieces to mount the tires myself to the rims and the wheels then to the bike
  • Wolfman side racks
  • Wolfman Expedition Dry Bags
  • OEM Spark Arrestor
  • R-Model side stand as the X side stand is too short for the bike when I remove the lowering links and install the much taller tires

A few missing pieces where I have to decide on the exact item to order:
  • Larger gas tank, likely a Safari 3.7 gallon tank (original is 1.9 gallon which is a bad joke) (Link to a blue one installed on a WR250R - I'd get it in white)
  • Hand guards, likely Barkbuster Storm as they have good weather protection and are reasonably priced
  • A skid plate - for this bike it makes actually sense, though I might not do it for this years trip, yet to decide on this


  1. Looks like it's going to be an epic trip. What's with a spot or other tracking device...? Just in case.

  2. I doubt it'll be epic, but I hope it will be lots of fun! And I'll write a separate entry about a tracking / emergency beacon device. I haven't bought anything but will probably use one of my company awards for a REI coupon and get a personal locator beacon.