25 September 2011

Guess what?!

WR250X somewhere close to Big Sur


  1. Ummm, you traded the Beemer for the WR250X, you ran away from home and ran out of gas near Big Sur? Am I close?

    That bike looks too clean and wants to play in the mud...


  2. Nay, not too close ...

    Okay - got a WR250X in addition to the GS as a lighter bike. Long term I'll add dirt wheels / tires and use it for tours where I really don't want to take the big beast.

    Bought it in LA and rode it back home. And yes, I nearly ran out of gas somewhere around Big Sur and had to get gas for a rip-off price at a store / restaurant / mini gas station place. 5.599 per gallon compared to an average of 4.15 I paid on the rest of the trip. That little bike is quite some fun, but the fuel tank is plain to small - just 1.9 gallons (roughly 7.5 liters). That gave me a range of about 120 to 130 miles but the fuel light always came on between 80 and 90 miles with half a gallon left. Annoying.