05 August 2011

Touratech must be completely nuts now ...

When I look at this page I can't believe they really want to sell anything. A set of panniers that cost about 20% of a full bike (Tiger 800)? That is insane and I think they lost their mind completely now.

Especially when you can get a set of Micatechs for $970, a set of Jesse Panniers for $1250, or the same freaking set of Touratech panniers bought in Germany are just $1500 before tax. Sorry Touratech USA, but I hereby declare you officially as one beer short of a sixpack ...


  1. Agreed!

    Presumably there are some people with more money than sense out there.

    I have just succombed to a Touratech seat for my GS, the only remaining viable option, but I bypassed the unhelpful and useless UK Distribution arm and bought it in Germany (delivered to my Wife's home) and saved 50% of the UK price.

  2. The prices in Germany are really high for what you get, but overall it's not as stupid as in the US. Through the whole product line US customers pay 25 to 40% more than what the same product costs in Germany.

    If you compare with the German store, always keep in mind that German prices always include 19% sales tax.

    I for myself will avoid buying from distributors like this.

  3. I don't know. At the BMW rally, the Touratech booth was always packed and you often heard "I just got a GSA, what do I need to set it up to travel to XYZ" with credit card in hand.

    Maybe there's something in the water...

  4. As Nikos pointed out: lots of people with more money than sense.

  5. I should admit that I picked up the Touratech mount for the 60CSx. I've been thinking about it for a while and just couldn't resist the discount and free shipping...

  6. I did the same. There really is some stuff that is just not available in that quality anywhere else. So I will make an effort to not buy it from Touratech USA anymore. I rather buy it in Germany.