04 June 2011

Sunny California? Not right now!

It's a bit frustrating that over the last few weeks we had fairly bad weather. And always over the weekend. Weeks were mostly dry and sunny, weekends mostly wet and rainy. Where is the summer? Colleagues moan about the very unusual weather, it's hard to not get mad ...

Look at this:

And the satellite image makes it even worse as it clearly shows the storm going over the area right now:

Hopefully it will get better soon - we are getting cabin fever here!


  1. I am so glad i fled Santa Cruz for Key West!Where riding is an everyday event...

  2. I can only say that I love the area - but this year the weather is a bit hard on my patience ... ;-)

  3. Oh no. Another weekend sans riding? At least there might be chances that you won't get your water supply rationed this year. We lucked out for a change, with the 5th day of sunshine in a row, and balmy temps in the high twenties.