01 May 2011

San Francisco Ride

Needed to get out a bit today. Andrea was climbing. So I decided I ride up to San Francisco for some nice photos. But, as it stands - I should have checked the battery of the camera before leaving. So all I got was a few shots ...

Camera gave up there, so I took another one with the iPhone:

Another thing that kind of surprised me after being to San Francisco quite often, living in the Bay Area for more than two years - I didn't know that San Francisco had a beach this big:

It was really nice out there, weather was around 26C and there were lots and lots of people but this beach is huge! I knew there is a beach but really, the size surprised me quite a bit.

Rode home via Skyline Blvd all the way, part of Skyline is unfortunately also Highway 280, but okay. Didn't really matter. It was a great day.


  1. Nice beach. You need to take us there... next time we visit ;-) 26C? Nice, not yet happening up here.

  2. Pesty batteries. Visited San Fran once a long time ago. Love you photos.

  3. It's really a nice area there - I didn't even know it as normally I'm in SF just for a conference or to go to a specific place (concert, opera, restaurant, ...). But it might become more of a destination ...

    @Sonja: Yeah, we really have to go there! It's an awesome beach. Here's a link to a Satellite photo.

  4. Nice photos. These days the only time I get to SF is to attend a conference or a meeting. There usually isn't much time to travel around. I used to visit there pretty often visiting relatives when I lived in California but usually ended up in Chinatown or Golden Gate Park.

    Where is that beach?

  5. Ja, der Ocean Beach. Echt riesig, aber er gilt als einer der gefährlichsten Strände der USA aufgrund der dortigen Strömungsverhältnisse. Markus u. ich gingen bei unserem ersten SF-Urlaub ab dem Golfplatz einen herrlichen Weg bis runter zum Ocean Beach, dann weiter durch den GG-Park und zurück in die Stadt. Uns qualmten die Füße ganz ordentlich.
    LG Ingrid