15 April 2011

DynDNS / Google Mail Trouble

Some of you might have noticed that my "normal" blog doesn't work at the moment.

That's what you get using Google's oh-so-intelligent mail service. They filtered the mail from DynDNS (which I receive for two years now) to renew my free account into the spam folder.

As I am not receiving my email from Google but have it forwarded to my "normal" email provider (Fastmail), this mail reached me 5 days too late when I checked Google Mail via Web because my domain stopped working.

I'm really kind of pissed now as I lost my old forwarding service, lost my old domain (event-s.homeunix.net) and had to set up everything again. I'll explore a little bit more when get it all working again.

Until then - stay tuned, my normal Website / Blog will come back online soon. I'm so looking forward getting rid of Google Mail sooner or later. Not having some advertiser read my mail every time I look at it might give me a better feeling ...


  1. What's the normal blog. I think that this is the only one I have ever visited. I haven't been bit by Google's spam filter yet but I'm sure it'll happen. I was fortunate to get grandfathered in to the DynDNS lifetime service before they turned into a for-profit company. No expiration on my domain.

  2. Ah, yeah - the normal blog is www.event-s.net. Non-motorcycle stuff mainly. I don't write there all too much, though.

    My DynDNS account itself did only expire because my IP rarely ever changes. Which means they never get updates and therefore send me mails that I should confirm the existence of the host. And the last mail got lost because Google doesn't forward mail it considers spam.