21 April 2011

Day Trippin ...

Last weekend we decided it was about time for a good motorcycle ride again. We were pretty busy in the last few weeks and haven't been riding that much, so the new F650GS is still "fresh" for Andrea and there is still some getting used to it.

Nevertheless, we decided to do some more fun roads and do the loop Page Mill Road up to Skyline, over to Alice's Restaurant, West 84 and back to Skyline over Alpine Road.

That image is not "lightboxed" so you can see it full size if you click on it.
Page Mill Road is incredible - lots and lots of nice, twisty road. 84 is lots of fun and Alpine Road is a bit more challenging - tight corners, narrow lanes, dark in the woods, sometimes dusty and dirty.

It was a really nice ride. We had lots of fun - did the whole trip pretty much without stopping and have taken no pictures. We were late in the day and wanted to be back home before it got dark. The picture above is the GPS track log put on a map - you can't really see how twisty the roads are, but believe me, Page Mill and Highway 84 are two of my all time favorite roads on a motorcycle.

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