27 March 2011

Having fun with the little ones ...

After it was raining the whole week March is now approaching more than 200% of average rainfall. We came back from Maui into the most messy week here. Rain, rain, rain.

But today it finally got better and so we decided we take the bikes for a spin. Andrea on her "new to her" F650GS and I was riding the DR200SE. The little one needed to be ridden to not clog up from the bad gas here and Andrea also wasn't sure with the wet roads and her new bike whether she might want to swap during the trip.

So I took the little bike and had some fun! We were going pretty slow as it was still wet in most places, up in the mountains there was a lot of washed out dirt and mud on the roads, so caution was very appropriate.

This was the route:

Of course we stopped at Alice's Restaurant for some Hot Chocolate.

And of course, Andrea was doing just fine with her new Beemer - probably also because of the heated grips and the better wind protection ... I was actually pretty happy that I put the liner in my jacket but my hands were still really cold when we got home.

It was a good trip and Andrea loves her new bike. Quote: "This is soooooo easy to ride ... it's amazing."


  1. love the map, I'm going to have to figure out how to do that. Andrea is one lucky lady...every time I see that bike I love it. I think it's the seat...totally makes the look. And I agree...the bike is amazing!

  2. Hey Jess. The maps are easy: you go to Google Maps and search for the start of your ride. Then you select a turn or a point nearby with right (!) click and say "Navigate to here". Google Maps will put a navigation in the map. After that, you add more points with right clicks and saying "Add a Destination". If you put your points close enough together the route comes out as you want. You can also select and drag parts of your route to adjust to the correct one. Works easy and fast.

  3. That looks like a really nice route. And still relatively close to town. Is the area built up at all i.e. Lots of houses?

  4. Hey Richard, the area is definitely build up where we live (Sunnyvale), but you get out fairly quickly. Most of that ride goes through wooden areas, some houses here and there. Around E, F, and G is residential neighborhood, mostly huuuuuge houses, from G to between L and M there isn't all too much. Alice's Restaurant is at H, it's an intersection in the middle of a forest with the restaurant on one side and a general store and another builder on the other. That's about it.

    It's an awesome area to ride!

  5. Of course the F650GS is easy to handle... my saying all along. Glad to hear Andrea is happy with the bike.