05 March 2011

Guess What ...

Black 2005 F650GS, 3700 miles, low suspension, liquid cooled 652cc single cylinder engine, about 50HP, 5 speed gearbox, 192kg road ready, BMW topcase (a little sun faded but functional), engine protection, handguards, and the best: ABS and heated grips.

Andrea rode it home from Scotts Valley to Sunnyvale over Highway 9 this morning!


  1. Only 3,700 miles in 6 years? The poor thing, it has not even been broken in. And I am certainly not biased when I say: Awesome bike! Congrats Andrea, I can see you grinning from ear to ear even with helmet attached ;-)

  2. I love that red seat!

    I have just bought a 2002 model for Mrs Nikos but I had better not show her Andrea's

    Best wishes, N

  3. Awesome! I am so jealous! Great find!

  4. It totally is a nice bike! The engine is barely broken in as Sonja noted, the seat is a bit sun faded as is the topcase, but overall it was just too good to pass.

    And luckily Andrea really loves it! New tires are in the shop and will be installed this coming week - the original tires were still on and have quite some cracks in the rubber. Not really safe anymore on a bike that size. So we went ahead, ordered a set of Anakee II and will have them installed this week.

  5. Andrea:

    Very nice bike, I can feel your smile from here. Congratulations ! , it is virtually new

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Hi there!

    As mentioned by Guido earlier, we will be installing new tires. And, thanks to my loving husband, he brought the bike to the shop today ... and the new tires were mounted!
    Wow, I'm very impressed by all the positive feedback and good wishes from everyone. Thanks so much! :-)