06 February 2011


Andrea was always a bit scared of riding up to Mt. Hamilton on her own bike. It's a fun road, but very twisty and very narrow, some hairpin turns, lots of blind corners, often dirt on the road and the road itself is very bumpy and in a bad shape.

But today, she did it! YEAH!

We left Sunnyvale after a quick lunch, went over some very weird "Express Ways" where we were standing more at traffic lights than actually driving. They should import some traffic planners from Düsseldorf and have their traffic light setup done properly so that traffic can flow on the bigger roads, not on the smaller ones. But ones we were through San Jose, the fun started:

Sunnyvale to Mt. Hamilton - no highways

To show the real challenge, this is the last part of that ride:

Fun twisties going up there ...

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. It's February, spring is already coming:

California Poppy

Cherries ...

Looking down to San Jose

The rearview

On the way up

It was really windy ...

At Lick Observatory

Next time we do the long route to Livermore ...


  1. The many twisties up Hamilton are a challenging route, and you made it. Way to go, Andrea! Another ten times and you are overdue for an upgrade ;-)

    I envy you guys, I just love that road despite the perils of cattle grids in corners and the dirt in the wrong places. Watch out for it when you go the long way round to Livermore.

  2. Yes, those twisties are challenging. Pretty curvy. And at least on the way down I wasn't going really slow ... that little DR200SE isn't very confidence inspiring when you come from a bigger, more stable bike, especially with the knobby tires, but for a beginner it's perfect - like a powered mountain bike.