05 February 2011

One More Option

These, maybe mounted to the original (more sturdy) Adventure racks (makes it 36 inches wide, while this is 34.5"):

Side View:

I don't like the color with that wave in there, but plain black wouldn't be too bad.

Advantages: can use original exhaust, top loading, a bit cheaper (when getting narrow exhaust for the Micas).

Disadvantage: less nice company, more obtrusive mounts, less bomb-proof, a bit wider.

They are fairly big, but not very wide, so still in the "don't take too much crap"-camp.


  1. Too much choice. I think you may drive yourself crazy trying to pick "the best one".


  2. Richard, you may be right. Or, you are right. At the moment I'm waiting for Micatech to come up with final pricing for their solution and also take care of some other things I need to do anyways - like ordering a set of tires.