23 February 2011

First Step to Panniers Done

As planned, I ordered a new and very narrow exhaust for my bike. The plan is to get Micatech boxes with the Pilot mount and a full sized left box, therefore a narrow exhaust was needed.

Hattech has something really nice and it is being build and shipped this week. Will probably take quite a while to arrive here, but until then, a photo has to suffice:

As you can see, the exhaust is so narrow, the outside edge is actually inside of the signals. The Micatech boxes, when mounted, have a small gap to the signals. Looking forward to installing both.

I haven't ordered the boxes yet as I want to install the exhaust first and see whether I like it. Therefore size and shape of the boxes is yet to be decided.

One more shot:


  1. That's going to look very nice! Can't wait to see the final product on your GS.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait either but from what I know about affordable shipping from Germany to the US I think it will be here in about four to five weeks. I would be very pleasantly surprised if it was faster.

  3. The new exhaust looks pretty good. And it does look a whole lot better than the lowered version. Did it change the sound any?

  4. @Richard: This is not my bike - so far I have ordered the exhaust and hope that it will arrive sooner or later from Germany. Hatt said they would build and ship it this week. Haven't heard again from them yet.