09 February 2011

Crazy Desert Chase on R1200GS

Some people are crazy ...


  1. What is again the point of racing thru a breathtaking landscape while standing on your pegs all the time? Not getting it.

  2. Skill yes. I don't understand the desire to do this though. I have fun riding my bike on unpaved roads, but I have no fun doing it in that way nor do I need the adrenaline rush or whatever it is that people are getting from it.

    Seems weird to me. I'd rather ride slow there, see country and people and enjoy being there. But that's me. I'm boring.

  3. I don't know. It looked pretty soft. Is faster better than slow in really soft, sandy areas like it is with four wheelers?

    That was a fun video...

  4. @Richard: it certainly is easier to keep up a steady speed - but that was more than just a "steady speed" ...