30 January 2011

Small or Medium Size?

Give me your opinion ...

Small Micatech (8")

Medium Micatech (10")

The smaller ones hold about 37L each, the larger ones around 45L each. To give a feeling for the difference: two one-gallon milk jugs more per case in the medium sized ones. That's quite a bit. Twice my compressed sleeping bag. Or 3/4 of our small tent. Or a set of hiking boots.

But on the other hand: 32.5" overall width with the smaller ones, 36.5" with the bigger ones.

Oh, and yes, I hate the low exhaust, too and if I get this rig will get a very narrow exhaust that goes between pannier and bike, not underneath the pannier.


  1. The small ones. The smaller the better.. ;-) The 45's get filled up with stuff you don't really need and adds too much unwanted weight..

  2. I agree. And some stuff doesn't fit in the panniers anyways because it's to long (Therm-A-Rest mattress for example).

  3. Can't seem to get the question out of my mind: Do the panniers make my ass look fat? I also vote for the smaller ones. Limitations of space will keep the level of junk down.

  4. The smaller ones look a lot better and I also like the idea of less room translates into less junk on a trip. I, personally, like to be able to stash my helmet when running errands or commuting and I'm not sure if the smaller ones would accommodate that. With the smaller exhaust, you wouldn't need the cutout in the case to clear the exhaust? And is there still enough room for a heat shield.


  5. So, that's 3:0 for the smaller ones. Interesting.

    @Sonja: the smaller ones are about the size of your Pelican cases. Just a slightly different form and only "semi side loading" (having a side door that doesn't cover the full side - see here).

    @Richard: I have a top case that can easily take one helmet, two with some wiggling and squeezing. So that is not a problem for me. I would not need an exhaust cutout, and heat isn't a problem according to some reports.

  6. Guido:

    chiming in late. I also like the narrower ones. I wished my exhaust was under my cases to make my system narrower. and I like your toploading ones

    Wet Coast Scootin

  7. Bob, those are actually "semi side loading". They have a side door that goes from the top about 3/4 down and a well that holds stuff in the case. Kind of trying to bring the best of two worlds together, but I would actually prefer real top loaders.

    I'm still undecided, but I'm also not in a big hurry - no big trip planned that I couldn't do with a topcase and a duffle bag ...