18 January 2011

Seat Testing

When I saw a GS Adventure seat used on advrider.com for a very good price I jumped on that chance to get a bit more seat to peg distance and some more padding. The seat arrived last Friday evening and of course, we tried it on the weekend.

Some impressions:
  • The passenger part is sloped forward too much, so that Andrea slides forward too easily. That is not so comfortable for her and also bothers me as I have to work harder keeping both of us back when braking. Christmas is over, no need for a "Nutcracker" anymore ...
  • The rider's seat is also more sloped forward than the standard GS seat and I'm not certain whether I like that or not.
  • It is slightly higher, but not so much as to make a big difference in knee angle and comfort.
  • I like the room it gives toward the back due to the missing "hump" to the passenger. On the other hand - that is what makes the seat itself and the pillion space more angled forward.
  • Not sure about the color combination. 
Overall I like it but I also like the standard seat - both for different reasons. I might not keep it. It is definitely not a seat for long tours two up for us for the mentioned reasons but for me alone it is actually pretty good. Decision is not made yet.

Here's a photo (and easily comparable with the image on the top of the page):

R1200GS Adventure Seat on my GS

On this picture the slope looks way worse than it actually is when riding as the bike was on the centerstand. When standing on the wheels and the suspension compressed a bit, it's way less pronounced.


  1. No experience here. Does the old pillion seat work with the new seat? Or how difficult it it to swap? It may be work it to keep both...


  2. When I rode to work this morning, doing a longer loop due to another appointment I also felt the old "bum burn" coming back that I knew from riding the F800GS. The forward slope is just not good for longer distances for me.

    I'm fairly sure that the GSA seat is a step back for me. We'll see. It's still on.