16 January 2011

Impressions from the Weekend

Some backcountry riding, lots of fun, lots of nice roads. We were together on the R - 270km of backroad carving.

Some impressions: we had to move the Givi Airflow screen all the way down or all the way up or buffeting would be a real problem for Andrea. Worse than it was for me as it seems. We used the GS Adventure seats I got used on Friday (photos to come) to try it out. Results were mixed, I kind of liked it for the height, not so much for the slight forward slope and definitely not for the forward slope of the passenger as Andrea was sliding forward all the time. I might not keep it, we'll have to see.

Okay, no more words, just some photos:

Mt. Diablo
Still Mt. Diablo
Lick Observatory - Mt. Hamilton
No, it's not Oranje, just Orange (European Insider Joke)
Tinted visor has advantages
Great Oak Tree
And the route (Sunnyvale to Fremont (Chiropractor), San Ramon, Mt. Diablo, Livermore, The Junction, Mt. Hamilton and home):


  1. Nice shot of Lick Observatory. Been up there many times though never on a motorbike. No snow!


  2. Wie, nicht Oranje? Haven't heard that one for a long time.
    With the rain storms over here I have to admit I am getting a little jealous. GRRRRR!

  3. It was a really, really nice day here. And the week is supposed to be nice, too. Unfortunately I have to work too much again ... Hopefully it stays nice over the weekend, too.

    Wish you luck for a good weekend in Vancouver!

  4. Guido:

    wished we could "borrow" your good weather, but rain is better than snow and frost.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  5. Yeah - I wish we could share the could weather! It was a great weekend and today it's even nicer, a bit warmer and sunny ... rode the bike to work and that was well worth it.