09 January 2011

Finally - Sunshine on a Weekend

Somehow, over the last weeks the weather was pretty foul on nearly every weekend. During the week there was some sunshine, on weekends it was mostly pouring and pretty cold (at least for us living in California).

Finally, today it was sunny albeit fairly cold. We got up late this morning, it was around 4ºC (39F) and only slowly warming up. We left home around noon after a longer than planned breakfast and a nice Cafe Latte - home made of course. When we left, my bike showed around 9ºC (48F) and it felt pretty cold. After a short shock, as the little DR200SE showed similar behavior as a few weeks ago when I had to take the carburetor apart to get it running again, we started, the bike was just slightly hesitant but after a few blocks it was okay. Gas station first, then heading West towards the coast.

After a Jamba Juice in Santa Cruz

The plan was a slightly longer trip today, going Southwest on Highway 9 to Santa Cruz, North on Highway 1 along the coast to Pescadero, East on Pescadero Road towards 84, East on 84, quick stop at Alice's restaurant, this time just for the restroom, and then down into the Valley on Page Mill Road. This is a really nice round trip, according to the GPS we did around 190km. But as I was stupid enough not to enable the tracking feature after having it disabled a week or so ago, I have to re-create the route through Google Maps:

The loop was around 3.5h moving time as you can see from the GPS:

Unfortunately, so far I haven't found out how to create a screenshot right on the GPS, therefore this is a photo of the actual screen. Not really good, but good enough for now.

And something really worth mentioning: Andrea had a real blast today - we were going a decent pace and she was having fun on the little Suzuki. We had cars letting us pass on Highway 9 and on Page Mill Road - both in the twisty sections and she was riding better and better. Really impressive how fast this has improved with the lighter and smaller bike. 

Other statistics:
  • first break in Santa Cruz at a Jamba Juice (Sonja will know that one, I believe)
  • second break at the coast at a nice beach ... power bars, some salted nuts, and juice
  • third break at Alice for restrooms
  • lowest temperature shown: 1.6ºC (35F) on Skyline Blvd on the way home
  • highest temperature shown: 11.6ºC (53F) somewhere at the coast
  • max speed around 102km/h on Highway 1
When we were back home, the first thing we needed was a hot tea! It was really cold and our gear is obviously not meant for these temperatures (Wait for some more gear reviews!) and after about 5 hours overall it was about time to get back into the warmth. My legs are still kind of cold (4 hours after we came home).

And some more photos:

At the Coast
Lunch for the Champs!
Kite Surfer
California Coast - Highway 1
"Wenn ich die See seh', brauch ich kein Meer mehr"
Boxers like Water
We are like shadows ...
Blossoms near Pescadero
No comment!
And last, but not least:

Again, no comment.


  1. "Wenn ich die See seh', brauch ich kein Meer mehr" LOL, that joke is definitely going to be lost in translation.
    Remembering Jamba Juice ;-)
    Glad you guys got out, there is nothing better than a few hours ride to clear the head.
    Voldemort votes? Is he a US citizen now? Didn't know that.

  2. Yes, I definitely had fun today! But the hardest part were the 102 km speed on Hwy 1 on the little Suzi. We both struggled to go that fast and the wind almost blew me off. Anyways: when do we go next??

  3. Andrea, I wish you could just try my F650 Single. Going >100km/h with windshield and hand guards even over a longer period has never been an issue on this one. I can see it: you got the motorcycle bug. Ride safely!!!

  4. Sonja, I'm sure that your Nella or one of her sisters would fit me well. Still wondering what the best next step for me should be, but the F650 are definitely on my list.
    Yeah, that bug must have been pretty contagious. ;-) Take care, too!