23 January 2011

Different Kind of Bike

Yesterday we were a little bit slow getting up, going to the Chiropractor and back, having some trouble with the car, getting back late, and therefore it was a bit too late for the planned longer tour on the motorcycles.

We decided then to take the bicycles and ride out to Steven's Creek Reservoir. It was a really nice 25km roundtrip, some up and down and really nice weather. On the way back we had to stop at a Jamba Juice, get a "Cold Buster" with lots of vitamins ...

On the way we crossed 280 over the new bridge at Mary Ave built last year:

Bicyclist on Mary Ave Bridge

Some really weird bird setup (metal or so) on the South side of the bridge:

Metal bird with stupid crap around the neck

And of course, we are in California, flowers blooming in mid January:

We had a great day, enjoyed the weather, got some good workout, and will go on a motorcycle trip today.

1 comment:

  1. I think the metal bird is to discourage nest building. I've been on many bike (human powered) rides in the South Bay and there were some great roads though some were pretty hilly. That is a nice looking bridge and the cable stay design seems to be getting really popular.