27 January 2011

Awesome Customer Service

After I was complaining about the customer service of some vendors a few days ago, I now have to acknowledge the awesome service of two companies:

1) Micatech

Micatech has a vendor thread on advrider.com and they are incredibly responsive there. The luggage seems to be very well made, sturdy, and well thought out. The Micatech team (or at least one person) is following that thread closely and has answers for pretty much any question asked there and also valuable thoughts on suggestions and ideas thrown in by existing or potential customers.

2) BestRest Products

Over the last few days I was in contact with David Peterson from BestRest about the Metal Mule exhaust system. He promised to get some photos and measurements for me - and he did. I had some more questions which he answered and overall he was very helpful.

And as said: I have already ordered there two times and was always happy with the service.

So, if you are looking at buying some motorcycle gear, give those two a consideration. Good customer service needs to be valued and supported!

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