05 December 2010

What works ...

There are some things I normally carry in my top case just because I know it might be helpful to have them with me (you can click on the picture on the right to see it in full size):

  • A small Maglite flashlight. I actually recommend a head lamp, but right now, I'm carrying the Maglite
  • Two small zip ties (more are in the tool roll)
  • The green thing is a a small towel
  • The black straps are elastic straps useful for pretty much everything that needs to be strapped somewhere
  • A Leatherman Wave combi tool
  • The plugs in the top middle are adaptors from the BMW 12V board system to USB; with this I can recharge an iPhone if I really have to
  • A tire gauge
  • Pre-moistured wipes for my glasses
  • A package of tissues (yes, the good German ones that are actually usable, not the  Kleenex crap); also some bigger paper towels
  • A small roll of duct tape
  • Spare earplugs for me, a potential passenger, and one pair as an emergency spare
Under the seat I currently have a beefed up tool set, that includes most items I need to make small fixes when on a trip, like tightening bolts or adjusting levers. At the moment I don't carry a tire kit, but I would probably just buy a complete one like this.

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