05 December 2010

More Gear that Works

Somehow, during the move from Germany, one or two of our moving boxes must have been lost somewhere. Maybe we brought them somewhere and forgot, maybe they were lost on the way to Canada or on the way to California. We don't know.

They contained:
  • an old motorcycle jacket from me
  • a full leather motorcycle suit
  • leather pants
  • two pairs of gloves (I really miss the winter gloves)
  • a neck warmer
  • a pair of motocross boots
  • and, one thing I really missed: knee warmers
Sometimes, call me stupid and you are right, I ride with my jeans instead of motorcycle pants with protectors - I only do that in town, on my commute, or similar, it's still stupid, but I just don't want to put the pants on every single time I get on the bike as the bike is my main transport. 

The main problem I have with jeans is the air that goes through so easily. It's not a big problem at the muscles, but it definitely is a problem for my knees. Therefore I had some neoprene knee warmers from Thermo Boy. They were absolutely awesome, I loved them, and I just had to get them, even as they are not sold in North America [1].

The things are just worn over the pants, closed with velcro and they keep your knees really warm. I bought them from an online store in Germany (Polo) for EUR 14.95, had them shipped to my mom there and she sent them to California. Worked out well. (Thanks, Mom!)

Long story short: if you are in Europe, preferrably Germany, or have somebody there, and if you sometimes have trouble with your knees getting cold and stiff when motorcycling, get a pair of those and your problem is solved! They can be worn over leather pants, even over motorcycle pants if the protectors are not too big. But then, if the protectors are large and thick, you won't need them anyways. I have them in my topcase at all times as I even wear them in the summer at night or in the morning, when it's chilly.


  1. Who knows, what happened to your missing box... maybe a rift in the time space continuum?
    I totally loved the Boy knee warmers when we went out for our X-mas ride, and I will go shop at Polo to get my own pair.

  2. As I said, those are the most valuable pieces I have in my gear collection. Nothing else has so much value for me personally. Granted, my knees are bad - and I really don't need to make them worse.

  3. Guido:

    You really should reconsider to wear riding pants all the time. During hot weather I often just wear jeans around town but it doesn't feel right, on the highway, riding pants always, plus riding boots.

    I have an old BMW type jacket I purchased new in the 70's, a Belstaff. No padding, nothing. it is waxed fabric and smells when wet.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Hi Bob,

    I wear riding pants whenever I do something else than around town / commute. Than it's worth putting them on.

    So, it's not that I do highway riding, local trips or so with jeans. Sooner or later I might get some light overpants that can be used over the jeans, that might work. Or a one piece thing. Or the mentioned moto cross protectors.