05 December 2010


When Andrea and I were on the International Motorcycle Show here in San Mateo we also looked around for some gear to complete what we already have.

Andrea got a "neck warmer", a fleece collar that keeps neck and shoulders warm, also a better thingy to keep her hair back under the helmet and we both got some dual sport boots and Sokz.

The boots are Forma Boots (be aware, the site is crappy flash with stupid sound and music). They seem to be decent quality and we got a very good price for two pairs and four pairs of Sokz. Yes, the spelling is correct ...

I used the boots on my 2100km trip to Southern California and must say that they were really good. I might not like them as much in heat, but during the cold ride over Thanksgiving they worked pretty well, keeping my feet reasonably warm. Or, putting it this way, I didn't get cold from the feet up, it rather started at my hands, then arms and shoulders, then legs, then body, the feet really were the last body parts that got cold.

So far, thumbs up for the boots!

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