25 December 2010

$10 Well Spent

When I came back from my trip to Southern California I had a few ideas on how to improve the R1200GS for more comfort for me personally.

One thing I noticed are that the grips are fairly "skinny" and that for my hand size I would like them slightly thicker. Now, that was definitely something I didn't want to spent a lot of money on so I searched a bit and found the "Grip Puppies". Hmmm. Ten bucks? Worth a try ...

So I ordered a pair and installed them and finally got around taking some photos:

Left Side

Right side

In the photos they look brighter than what they actually look like in reality. They seem to reflect the flash more than the other black parts. They are actually fairly unobtrusive.

Fitting them was simple: remove the side holding screw from the bar end weights / hand protectors, moisten the inside of the grip with slightly soapy water, slide them on, replace the screw again, wait for it dry. Go. Easy and fast.

So, how do they work?

I would have preferred if they were slightly thinner. They add about 0.8cm to 1.0cm to the grip's diameter and I still have to get used to this. I like it though, they are not too thick, just feels so different after riding with standard BMW grips for about 9000 miles (combined on the F800GS and the R1200GS). Another good thing is that they dampen vibrations slightly and make the grips softer.

Overall: well worth the money and most probably the best value I've spend on a bike ever.


  1. Looks very comfy.
    Merry X-mas and Happy New Year from snowy Germany
    R & S

  2. They are pretty comfy! Good that you made it Germany. California is not worth traveling to this Christmas. Rain, rain, and more rain.

    Stay safe and have a safe trip home - hopefully without delays due to weather.

  3. I have some to fit too - did you trim them to length first?


  4. I did cut off about 10mm. Just holding them to the grips, estimating required length, cutting off the right amount with scissors - done. Very easy.

    So far, I can say they do what they are supposed to do and were a good addition to the bike.