25 November 2010

Some More Photos from Southern California Trip

Entrance to Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree NP - some side road
Getting better at riding on dirt roads

Action Shot 1

Action Shot 2

Playing around

That happens when you try to put a camera
back into a pocket while riding ...


  1. Thanks for the visit. I haven't been to Joshua Tree in over 30 years. Went there to practice rock climbing.

    It looks like you had a beautiful ride.


  2. Finally you get some well deserved miles on your new bike! I really enjoy the pictures, the last one is funny. Ride safely! Looking forward to seeing more of you sight-seeing.

  3. @Richard: Rock climbing there must be a lot of fun. Definitely something for Andrea, less so for me - I'm more an indoor climber ...

    @Sonja: True, I am already closing in on the final mileage I had on the F800GS after a year. And I have the R just for 3 months or so. Seems I have less problems riding distances with it.

  4. Oh, and those are pretty much all the photos I took on the trip. It was about riding, not about taking pictures. Also it was way to cold to stop more often ... ;-)

  5. I like action shot #2. How are you liking your V46? I still have to find a mount to get mine on my R1150GS.

  6. @Chris: The V46 is a great top case. If I'd buy one new I'd get the Maxia E52 or E55, because the price difference is worth fitting two helmets easily instead of "squeezily". But as I got it for only 40% of the price new and it was unused - there is nothing I could do but taking it and be very happy.

    The mount for the R1200GS is not too bad. I'd like it to be better quality and the handle tubes are too thin to be comfortable when pushing the bike around, but overall it's a good product.

    I reviewed the MC Products Low Mount Rack in the summer and wanted to mount a top case there but due to the fact that it doesn't have a usable handle when you remove the one that goes across to mount a case, I couldn't live with that. Unfortunately because it was really amazing quality!

  7. The previous owner of my R1150GS removed the handle behind the pillion seat. It's fun moving the bike around without it ;)