03 November 2010

New Triumph Tiger

Triumph released their new "Tiger Cub", a pair of 800cc Triple bikes, one a Cross Country (XC) and one more street oriented version.

It sounds like a direct copy from BMW and it looks even more so:

Triumph Tiger 800XC

Versus the BMW F800GS:

I'd say that this is pretty damn close. Okay, if you can't come up with something unique yourself you can always copy something good ...

Overall, I like the look of the new Tiger, it looks balanced and well thought out. Weight is not too high, not too much power, some well thought out accessories and as it seems also a price that makes sense. The US price is not announced yet, but I guess it will be slightly below the F800GS - not a bad idea to stay below as the BMW definitely have the advantage of the ridiculously high resale value that Triumph just can't match and therefore has to give a slight advantage from new.

The one I like most from just looking at it is the "smaller" version, which has less options, like no adjustable suspension, cast wheels (which I like better), lower seat height and some other small differences:

Triumph Tiger 800

This seems to be a pretty good competitor for BMW's F650GS/F800GS series. Especially with the sweet triple engine that just smokes the twin and the boxer from BMW.

We'll see when it comes to the States. I'm certainly in line for a test ride! And no, I'm not thinking of replacing the GS - but who says you can only have one bike? *smile*


  1. Very unlikely we ever see those in Canada... but I like the small one, too. Almost screams 'Andrea's property'.

  2. ;-)

    The bike has a bit too much power and is not really lightweight either (95HP, 210kg). It might be quite a handful for Andrea. She totally loves her little DR200 - but will probably outgrow it pretty soon. We'll see what we do when this happens.

  3. Oh well, leaves more time to break in the Tiger until Andrea is ready. Did a little more research. I am hooked. The bike just made it on top of MY list, once I am ready to part with the F650.

  4. Yeah, that bike is pretty awesome. Downsides I know off:

    - weight is not really low (as said 210kg)
    - seat height with low seat is still 790mm which is quite high
    - chain final drive - I just don't like it

    It would probably be a great bike for Andrea, but I think it's too much of a jump. The F650GS single might be a better next step!

  5. One downside I forgot: a fairly small dealer network. It's pretty okay in the area here and the Triumph Triple is know for reliability, but still, it's something to think about. It shouldn't be a problem though ...