11 October 2010

Update on Givi Airflow

As you might know, I installed a Givi Airflow AF330 on my R1200GS. It's a good windshield, quite big, a little awkward looking but quite effective. The upper part moves easily up and down and with the given ability of the R1200GS to adjust the windshield's lean angle, this is a very flexible setup.

When I installed it and took some test rides, I still found some buffeting remaining and thought about using different interlocking pieces because the ones that come standard with the GS don't allow for maximum leaned back position.

I ordered a set from Max BMW along with some other mounting hardware that I was still missing and find better suited than the screws and nuts I used to install the Adventure winglets.

Here are the part numbers:
  • 46637673915 - locking disc left
  • 46637673916 - locking disc right
These allow me to get one more klick down with the windshield and I think it did make a difference. The buffeting is slightly reduced and I have to move the upper part all the way up now to move the air over my helmet. 

For $3.24 this was definitely worth it, but I'm not 100% sure whether it really is that much better. The windshield is still awesome, but I'll have to wait for a longer highway ride to actually gauge whether it helps me on those long fast highway runs. The standard windshield wasn't too bad with regard to buffeting when I angled it back, but it was loud. Noise is greatly reduced with the Givi and when the next longer tour shows that it also doesn't introduce headaches again, I'm fairly happy. 

To get better protection, I think there are only two possibilities: an Aeroflow tall windshield or an R1200RT with a taller than OEM windshield. Both are not considered as options ...


  1. I am following your endeavours with considerable interest!

    I don't think that addressing the top of the bike is the complete answer - look at any faired touring bike.

    Have you considered leg shields?



  2. I'm aware that I'm only working on the upper part of the fairing and will not achieve a total coverage. And I think this is fine and to be expected. It is absolutely possible that some disturbance is created by wind coming around the lower edges and then coming up my body, but that is something I'll live with.

    Maybe the next bike is an R1200RT or so ... but for now I'm pretty happy with what I achieved with the GS. The good thing is that I can easily switch between "summer mode" and "winter mode". Meaning, I can use the OEM windshield, all the way back for short trips in warm weather and I can mount the Givi for long trips and cooler weather.

  3. You haven't even fully farkled the GS, and are already thinking of other bikes? I hope she doesn't get jealous.

    But I know the feeling. Although fairly happy with my little thumper like it is... since my accident I sometimes wish I had a ride with a little more fairing for protection. Yes, it would have cost more to repair it, but maybe my leg would have remained unscathed.

    Let's see where your journey will take you ;-)

  4. As I said, other bikes are right now not an option. I'm happy with the GS. It's an awesome bike and I love riding it. I still don't really understand what people find about the boxer engine, which I think leaves a lot to be desired, but the rest of the package is pretty awesome.

    Therefore: the GS will be the bike for the time being. But as motorcycling is about my only real fun besides work this might change when the time comes. But I don't plan on changing bikes every year. Maybe every two ... ;-)

  5. Let's see what we both ride in two years time... ;-)

  6. You mean, let's compare the collection by then ... ;-)

  7. Guido

    the boxer engine = character

    a class of its own

  8. I got the AF330 and adventure wings a few weeks ago, and I have about the same experience as yours. There still is some (mild) turbulence in some wind conditions, but it is much quieter. I can actually hear the engine (and clunky gear box) at all speeds now - couldn't hear a thing with original screen.

    The real difference for me is in highway traffic among big trucks. The buffeting is greatly reduced, still there, but slower and with less amplitude.

    But now the fun is over for this year, we are getting freezing temperatures in Sweden and I'm a coward when it comes to driving on frosty roads.

  9. Yeah, I can relate to the freezing ... when living in Germany, it wasn't nice in the winter either. Was mainly staying in town and using the bicycle for the occasional low side.

    Here in California it's more the rain, but it's often enough fairly nice weather.