15 September 2010

Take the Manual With You

I prefer to leave the paper version of the manual for the R1200GS at home, but sometimes like to look something up.

What I did was downloading the manual for my bike from here and then putting the PDF into iBooks on my iPhone. This I carry with me anyways and therefore I have a PDF version of the manual always with me:

Riders Manual in iBooks on my iPhone


  1. As such not a bad idea but it's a Beemer... What are the chances that this bike has a breakdown and if so what would be the chances of being able to fix it anyway...
    I believe in carrying the Beemer tool kit a a lucky charm. In case of a breakdown, I can wait on the roadside for somebody who knows how to make use of it ;-)

  2. Yeah, you're right. Normally, if the bike breaks down, there is often enough not much you can do. Certainly not with the help of the rider's manual. It's not a repair manual (there is none in PDF form).

    What I carry it for is for information about tires, pressure, oil, gas, how to change the lamps in signals, head lamps, tail lamps, and so on. Most of it is not all that interesting - only when you don't have it with you ... ;-)

  3. Thanks for the linky! Hope to pick up my new 2010 GS this weekend. Now I can read ahead of time and have a portable manual thereafter.