13 September 2010

Sunnyvale - Lake Tahoe - Mono Lake - Yosemite - Sunnyvale

It was a good weekend. And a looooong motorcycle ride. As planned, I left Sunnyvale, CA, on Saturday around 8:30 or so and followed Andrea to Lake Tahoe. She had left at 6:45 to meet friends in Placerville to go climbing in the Lover's Leap area in Eldorado National Forest and we had planned that I join them in South Lake Tahoe in the evening and stay there overnight before going back.

Here's the final route I took:

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Click on the "View Larger Map" link to see the map at maps.google.com.

Timing was pretty much as indicated by Google, also the mileage is pretty accurate. I had a few more miles from taking a wrong turn one time and also going to a restaurant for breakfast at Lake Tahoe.

Overall it was a pretty decent trip and a very good test of the long distance capabilities of the R1200GS which are, to sum it up, very good.

Things to mention:
  • The vibrations can get annoying after long times on the faster highways.
  • The installed Metzeler Tourance EXP like to follow "tar snakes" (repairs made to the road with bitumen).
  • The stock windshield together with the Adventure Winglets gives some coverage up to 45mph when I put the seat in the low position. It's still very noisy though, but it didn't give me headaches.
  • The bike used some oil on the trip (200ml).
  • Starting it on Sunday morning was a bit of a hassle, the R had a really hard time. Probably during the 600 mile service it didn't get the best oil for around 0 Celsius (30 Fahrenheit).
  • Putting a plastic water bottle with water under a net on the rear seat can burn a (fortunately small) hole in the seat's vinyl. Argl!
  • Earplugs are worth it!
And lots more not worth noting here ... 

Some pictures from the trip though:

Packed and ready to leave
Church in Modesto
San Pedro Lake (if I recall correctly)
Caples Lake
Still Caples Lake
On the way back: adding oil
Mono Lake, coming from the North
Half Dome in the Haze - just to prove I was there!

It was a pretty awesome trip, I'm still a bit sore on my rear and the knees (from having the seat in the low position pretty much all the time), but it was well worth it.


  1. Brilliant skies, modest riding temperatures, a good bike, and an awesome scenery make the right ingredients for a great road trip. Soreness at the end of the day... is part of it. Once your body gets used to longer tours it will get better (coming to think of it... not, but it's still worth every mile). Looking forward to your next riding report.

    Green with envy!!!

  2. It was all pretty much perfect - the modest riding temperatures were a challenge sometimes, though. Highest temperature during the trip was 35 degrees Celsius, lowest just about 0C.

    But I agree - I want more ...

  3. Modest temps... I guess I still ran on Alberta standards ;-) Zero C is cold indeed.

  4. The cold wasn't the problem - the warm was ... ;-) *schwitz*

  5. And here I thought you Californians would be used to heat ;-)