15 September 2010

Preliminary Results with Givi Airflow

The Givi Airflow windshield I ordered last week arrived and I couldn't wait to install it tonight. It was fairly simple, I checked the instructions mainly to figure out which pieces were meant to go on in which order and it worked out fine.

When I had it installed it was too dark to take photos but I definitely wanted a test ride and went out on Highways 85 and 280 to try how it works. I stopped several times to adjust the height and overall I'm very impressed. I was up to pretty high speeds that I won't admit here and was surprised that I still had no problems keeping the visor open even at speeds I normally don't ride.

When going my typical 60 to 70 cruising speed I had the visor up all the way, no earplugs in and it was no problem at all. With the upper part of the windshield in the low position I got a little bit of wind in the face but not much, with it being halfway up or higher there was virtually no wind other than a little bit of turbulence sometimes. Nothing to worry about at all.

So far so good. I like it and I think it's a great value, especially together with the Adventure Winglets I installed a while ago. I wish I had that windshield last weekend for my trip to Lake Tahoe. Would have been a lot easier on the way back in the East Bay.

One thing: I would like to angle the windshield back a little bit more for even less turbulence and to get the distance between windshield and helmet a bit smaller but that doesn't seem to work given the way the BMW hardware works. I'll have to take a closer look again whether I missed something when assembling it again, but I think I got it right and there is not much more I can do there other than putting thick spacers under the front screws.

I'll report back when I find out more and I'll add pictures as soon as I can take them in daylight.

Oh, and one more thing: the upper part that can be moved catches quite a lot of glare from the headlights. In the dark it's pretty annoying, no problem when in city traffic but in dark rural environments this will be very distracting. I'll probably add something on top of the head lights to avoid the glare. I had that effect with the stock windshield, too, it just wasn't so pronounced.


  1. Now you have to go on another road trip to test the windshield under real conditions...

  2. Of course I do. And I will. Not so soon though as there is too much work at the moment. But we're getting there. And fortunately the riding season is pretty long here.

    Saw your post from today - it's getting cold and wet in the north ... but as long as you don't mind it, shouldn't hold you off from riding!

  3. I was interested by your comment on riding with the visor "up". Why do you do this?

    I have been struggling (aka as "experimenting") with my R1150GS for 2 years now. The bike came with one of the so called better Wunderlich screens, I fitted tobinators and how have gone back to factory original for GPS mounting reasons. No discernible difference in buffeting or noise with any of the options.
    During my trip to France this year at quite high sustained speeds of 75mph for hours on end the low frequency buffeting sound was giving me headaches. I opened my visor at one stage at high speed and all the noise disappeared! I could actually discern the mechanical gremlins churning away beneath me.
    I find this result strange?
    regards, nick

  4. I like to open my visor when riding slowly through the city mainly for more airflow and for seeing better. My visor is often splattered with bugs and I normally ride with a tinted visor (California) and when it gets late, it's nice when I can leave the visor open.

    Your experience is weird and suggests that something is wrong with your helmets aerodynamics. I don't think I'll use Tobinators as I find them way overpriced with $139 here in the US for a set of washers and a few metal parts.

    It often depends on the rider what works and what doesn't. For next summer I might get a very small screen for my typical riding here but as it's getting cooler I prefer the large coverage of the Givi.

  5. My hypotheses is that the pressure droning with the visor down is a bit like the buffeting effect of driving a car with the rear windows open. When the front window is opened it stops/when the visor is open it stops!
    Thanks for posting your experiences!

  6. Makes sense. That would mean that you get the turbulence through a too wide neck opening. Have you tried a really thick shawl or neck warmer that blocks the wind there? Just for the experiment?

  7. Ah, why do I know this problem?