20 September 2010

Givi V46 Topcase

When I checked all the options for top and side cases for the R1200GS, I mentioned the Givi V46 as an option for me.

It is not as big as the Maxia E52 I had on my F800GS, but it's close - 46l, so just 6l shy of the big one. But it definitely feels quite a bit smaller. I was able to comfortably fit two helmets side by side in the E52, now the V46 fits one comfortably and two if I apply some "love". They fit but it's a very tight fit and I have to put one helmet on the side to close the lid. The helmets are Shoei Multitec (Size S if that makes a difference, but I think they have all the same shell size, just more padding).

When I was writing about the options I was pretty certain I would either get a Pelican case or the E55 which is even bigger than the one I had before but it worked out a bit differently. A co-worker had two V46 and gave me a screaming deal on the one he's not using, so I basically got a like new (because it wasn't used much) V46 for about 40% of the price when new. I couldn't resist and that's what I have now:

From behind:

And a profile shot including the Givi Airflow windshield:

The proportions are still okay, the big bike makes the case look okay and not too big. The same case on the DR200 would look freaking huge ... ;-)

The most important part for me is that I can leave the helmet, gloves and some small stuff at the bike when going in a restaurant, walking around somewhere or just at the office when I'm using the motorcycle and not the bicycle. That's soooo convenient. I would have loved to have the last two additions on my trip to Lake Tahoe. That would have made quite a difference.

Okay, what's missing now?

  • Side luggage if we want to go on a longer trip two up. Alone I can easily live with the top case and maybe a bag across the rear seat if I really take the kitchen sink.
  • Lights - something that makes car drivers blink when I'm close by. If it hurts at least they notice me.
  • Maybe, and that's a big maybe, some engine bars. Depends on what trips are planned.
  • A tank bag.
That might be it. Maybe some small parts here and there, I'd like to get a good tool kit and a kit for plugging tires, but I guess that all has time. The windshield and the top case were the most pressing additions as I can now do short trips with a some comfort and have stuff locked away when having breakfast, lunch, etc.


  1. Guido:

    you can never have too much storage. I thought I had a large top box but it is not shaped right. It is a 44 ltr Kappa (Givi's 2nd line), I wished it were a 52 ltr.

    My side cases are Kappa 44 ltrs, and my tire plug stuff and air compressor are stored under the seat with some screwdrivers and open end wrenches.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. I kind of agree. Giving me too much space means giving me the opportunity to carry too much crap ... ;-)

    So far, I'm pretty okay with the V46 - as said, with some tender love applied, it fits our two helmets, with gloves and small items inside the helmets. For me alone it's good size as I can easily fit my helmet and / or stuff I take along. It's big enough for me to go out for a week riding and if I'm moteling I need no more storage. Becomes tough when camping and being two persons - than I need much more space. If we plan this, I'll get a set of side cases.