20 September 2010

Update: Givi Airflow

As you have probably read I've put a Givi Airflow AF330 Windshield on my R1200GS. I'm fairly happy with it so far. When I move the upper part to about 2/3 up it works quite well up to 65 mph. There is a slight buffeting / droning which annoys me a bit as it is the same thing I had with my F800GS - and which was one of the reasons I sold it - but it's much less pronounced and much less of a problem. And it starts around 60 to 65 mph, not around 50 mph.

This is how it looks like:

It's quite a big windshield, wide and high, but it works pretty well. I can ride 70 to 80mph with my visor up, but as said, there is a slight droning at that speed.

Two things I can do against this:

  1. Angle the windshield back even more. The GS side support doesn't allow that, but I read that the GS Adventure side support does. What I mean by this: there is a small piece of plastic, like a thick washer, that is used to hold the windshield at a certain angle when the adjustment screws are tightened as it interlocks with the base aluminum bracket. It is item #7 in the image below.
  2. Move the front support screws up. What I basically need there is something like an oval washer and another set of screws to move the front windshield mounts (you can see them in the photo right above the headlights) up a little bit. This is the same principle as the "Tobinators", but I'm planning to spent only a few bucks and not $129 like the said Tobinators.

Here is the image with the Adventure windshield mount and it's #7 there. Basically an interlocking plastic washer. At least I think it's #7, before I order I'll have another look at the mount and make sure I get the right thing. It's only a plastic thingy but as it's coming from BMW it's still $3 each, I need two, one for each side.

I'll order that one along with a few other small pieces I need to order anyways. Trying to make this a "penny tech mod". Only if that doesn't work I'll try the mod with lifting the front of the shield a bit. I'd like to avoid that to not get too many bugs in there and it also looks kind of funky. 

I'll report back when I received the parts how it worked out. 

Nevertheless, so far the Givi windshield is worth the money and I really like the quiet ride it gives me now. I still use ear plugs as the rattling and shaking and clattering noises of the boxer engine are not that quiet ...


  1. I like to hear the rattling and shaking and clattering noises! I know that all is in order...

  2. ;-) Somebody told me one day that a quiet boxer engine is a broken boxer engine ... it's my first boxer, so it's a bit disconcerting.

  3. I have ordered the AF330 and also the BMW winglets, I think you have them too, looks like it in the photo.

    I really hope this will help, because the original setup is no good at all for my tinnitus.

  4. It works quite well. As said, I'm still optimizing but it's really gone a long way from the original setup. I haven't tried it without the winglets, had them before I bought the windshield.