06 September 2010

Givi Airflow

As I really, really hope I can make some time for a tour next weekend and I want it to be comfortable, I ordered this windshield today:

Found an online store that had no shipping fees compared to my normally preferred one which quoted $45 just for shipping the windshield. This would have been 20% of the product price and that's just not working for me on orders like this. I might get picky, but since I learned that ordering windshields is quite a risk as it might or might not work properly for me, I want the shipping / taxes to be as cheap as possible so I don't loose all too much if I sell it later again.

I actually wanted to wait before ordering it and getting it together with a top box but there I haven't decided yet which one I like while with the windshield it was pretty clear that I wanted the Givi Airflow anyways, adjustability is everything - this shield goes up and down and the R1200GS has angle adjustment stock, I hope to have the adjustment range to work it out properly. Therefore, as the possibility of an 600 mile weekend is coming up, I bit the bullet and ordered it.

We'll see how it works out. I'll report back how well the service from the online store goes, how fast shipping is and when it's here, I'll install it and hopefully have the chance to give it a very thorough test ride next weekend. If all that works out, I'm pretty confident that I know whether it works for me or not. And as I'm pretty picky with windshields, I really wish that it works.


  1. Guido:

    the V-strom has a reputation for wind buffeting. People have tried everything so I just live with it. It's not so bad now that I installed the Madstat bracket and I have been tempted to purchase a wider one but as you say, it's all trial and error and lots of $$ to find a solution. If you lived down the lane, I would encourage you to test out lots of screens and I would be content to take your discards.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. You name it: adjustability is the key. The Madstad bracket on the V-Strom helped me getting a very good air flow, that was still putting some air on me, but it wasn't buffeting like crazy.

    The key to achieve this with a generic screen is to have adjustability for height and angle. The R1200GS provides angle adjustment, the Givi provides height adjustment. I think with this combination I can work out something. At least, that's my hope.