13 August 2010

Some Protection

Today I had the R1200GS in for the first service. When I picked it up, it felt a bit nicer, smoother, less vibrations, better throttle response. Chris from SJ BMW told me the throttle body sync was off a bit and that's a common cause for slight vibrations.

So, I'm continuing with just riding the bike, having fun on it and slowly adding exactly the pieces I like to protect it, to make more comfortable for me, and later on, to also carry some luggage.

Included in the bike deal was a pair of cylinder head protectors which I installed today. It was a ten minute job, with six screws overall, using the torque wrench on them to not damage the aluminum cylinder head.

This is what it looks like:

They seem to be not too bad with regard to protection - under the aluminum are thick rubber pieces that are tight between cylinder head and guard, so the guard won't fold in, but the aluminum is soft enough to bend and not rip the screws out. Now, just knock on wood that I'll never need them.

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