19 August 2010

Tank Bag Selection

Today I checked out the BMW tank bags for the R1200GS. They are quite big, mainly wide. I don't think that I want such a large bag. It looks like they could fit an A4 sized sheet of paper in there. That's neither what I need nor what I want. I'd like to get a place to put the wallet, the phone, ear plugs, and some other small pieces and that's about it.

The other downside is that it sits right on the tank and therefore will sooner or later scratch the paint there. So, I have a different idea ...

My plan is to do this (original idea from Jim Von Baden):

This looks mounted like this:

Then convert my already existing Cortech Super Mini Tank Bag by attaching the mount to it:

Which then results in this:

This keeps the bag nicely away from the paint, it is detachable with a single grip:

I still have to do this, but the plan is set and I can't really think of a better solution for my personal needs.

As said, I don't need a large bag, just one with enough space for the items I normally carry around in my pants and jacket pockets. And I really prefer to have them not there but somewhere I can't fall on.

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