20 August 2010

Tail Rack

So, I thought I'd do the tank bag first but happened to stumble over a used tail rack on ADVRider. I was looking at this one just a day ago to solve my immediate needs for some storage on the bike. It's an MCP Parts Low Mount Luggage Rack.

On pictures the quality looks awesome and owners are raving about it. We'll see when it arrives. It comes from Orange County, CA, so it should be here early next week.

Here is the view from the top:

I like that it has so many options to strap a bag to it. I like using my Ortlieb drybag on motorcycle tours, but so far all racks I had where a hassle when attaching a bag with Rokstraps or so. This has so many attachment points that it shouldn't be a problem at all. I also like that the luggage doesn't sit as high as on many other racks.

And this is what I will do in the short term, attach a Pelican case to it:

I don't have side luggage yet, but might actually get the Varios or some Micatechs later on when we are planning a longer trip. For now a Pelican case bolted directly to the rack will do the trick for me and has the advantage of being low profile and therefore hopefully not as much impact on gas mileage as larger cases. I'll not go with the Pelican as shown here but rather get this one:

This is a Pelican Storm iM2300 case, which is just big enough to fit my 17" laptop in a neoprene cover and some small items. Pretty much perfect. It's also big enough to fit extra gloves, some water, a sweater, and some small items, and if I really want to, I can add inner form to carry the DSLR in a watertight package.

Looking forward to getting the rack and installing it!

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