29 August 2010

Sunday Trip With Breakfast

As Andrea is traveling with her parents in Nevada / Arizona / Utah, seeing all the great National Parks there I was alone for the weekend and did short (about 4 hours overall, including breakfast at Alice's Restaurant) trip in the area.

Here's the route:

If you click on the link above, it shows the interactive route in Google Maps. I wanted to get my brain clear and also try all the various additions I made to the bike.

So far, it's pretty awesome! I love the low foot pegs with the rubber inserts. I love the Winglets.

Several times I stopped to change the windshield angle to find the best position for me. When I got back to Alice after the roundtrip to the coast, I also set the seat in the lower position. This, with a medium tilted position of the windshield ended up to be the best setting for me. I won't change this until I get a different windshield. It has the least amount of turbulence and noise but it is still very loud. There is no way of riding without ear plugs, which is not a problem, just sometimes inconvenient. With this setup I could do a longer trip - it would work. Not incredibly comfortable because of the noise and because I just annihilated the advantage of the lower foot pegs, but well enough ... okay, maybe I'm getting old now that I want a motorcycle trip to be comfortable.

If we go on a two up trip where we want to be able to communicate, the way to go is probably still to add a Givi Airflow windshield and a Scala Cardo G4 for communication. The windshield mainly for making communication possible as the current setup directs the air right at face shield height which will make the microphone and noise-reduction logic crazy.

But, so far so good, I had a lot of fun on that trip, frustrated some sport bike riders on Page Mill Road so that had to burn past me on Skyline after not being able to follow me trough the twisty bits. Idiots ... one got nearly hit by an oncoming car as I shot past me with probably 90mph on a not so long straight ...


  1. Ts, ts. You had to do it... provoke those poor blokes. Remember, those dudes don't have the rider education that you have been exposed to ;-)
    I am glad that one by one you figure out the best way to go touring, it sounds promising, so far. Hope you will find a solution to get rid of the noise and turbulences. I never had to deal with this, but my rather average size sometimes is a sincere advantage.
    As for the intercom system, I will probably never get used to one. I feel uncomfortable with it. Riding for me is quiet time (I mean as silent as it can get with the wind around your helmet), and I have no major desire to chat while I am on the bike. That's what breaks are for ;-)
    Good look with hunting for the right farkles.

  2. No, don't get me wrong. I didn't provoke them at all. I was going my own pace when passing them while they were just entering from a parking lot. I kept going normally, meaning kind of slow on straights but nearly no slow down for the corners. I like to keep a steady speed and not that up and down through the rev range and gears - not my style. First they caught up on a straight section just before getting into some really fun twisties. I heard them pretty loud even through my earplugs and was prepared to just let them pass ... but ... nothing happened. I heard them accelerating behind me, but they never re-appeared in the mirror ...

    After getting up to Skyline, I continued with the speed limit there (55mph) and after a few miles they flew by - I was already all the way to the right to make space but this kid was still on the other lane when the saw the car coming ... it was okay, he made it more easily than he probably expected but it smelled a bit behind him and might have him reconsider maneuvers like this. Hopefully. But I doubt it. Too much testosterone.

  3. Ha Ha Ha... Too much testosterone... That's what what I need the most ^^