13 August 2010

Sometimes It's the Little Things

The R1200GS was in for it's 600 mile service today and came back running a bit smoother again. Or maybe it was just the switch from the R1150R loaner that made it feel so much smoother ...

The little thing that bothered my on the F800GS was that I could not lock the steering with the handle bar turned in to the right side. When I get off the bike I was used to turn the handle bar to the right, so I have lots of space. Couldn't do that on the F as this couldn't be locked in that position. So I left it straight, put it on the side stand, got off, turned the handle bar to the left, locked. To get on, reverse this procedure.

On my Hondas I was able to just turn the handle bar to the right and be good with it. The R1200GS now has that feature again to be able to lock steering on both sides. Nice little difference, but it really should be available on the F, too.

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