23 August 2010

Received the MC Products Luggage Rack

Today I received the MC Products luggage rack that I got used through ADVRider.com. It's an incredibly well made piece of aluminum! Black anodized with precision drilled mounting holes and attachment points for luggage straps all around.

It mounts really low as you can see here:

And has enough space to tie down my Ortlieb Rackpack or the Ortlieb luggage roll I have (got those in 96 and they are still absolutely great, watertight, really high quality.

Here are two more views:

The low mounting makes for a lower center of gravity when luggage is attached to it and it makes a much more stable impression than the OEM rack.

I was undecided what to with regard to the rack - whether I get a full Givi setup or this rack + a Pelican case (for camera) or a combination. But then I saw that rack used, it was a lot cheaper than new, looks absolutely perfect, no scratches, no nothing, it's pretty much like new, the decision was done.

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