13 August 2010

R1200GS Photos - Second Try

Last time I was really short of biting my own backside when I saw the tissue just right under the bike in the photos. When taking the photos I was preoccupied, busy with the bike itself and so on and really just forgot to take a look around to see what could spoil the photo.

I took my time today, got the the same spot again and did two new photos. After cleaning up a little bit. Enough to have the photo not disturbed by garbage - that area is full of junk, probably because there is a bigger parking lot and vista point and no garbage can. Not that having a garbage can there would help all too much.

One more thing I noticed - the vibrations are getting less. I filled the tank the first time using premium (91) instead of super (89). I don't think that this really made the difference it's rather that I get used to the vibes and maybe a slight smoothing effect. Not that I believe modern engines change all too much during break-in. Not much going on there apart from the piston rings setting and sealing.

Well, we'll see ... Now, the photos:

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