22 August 2010

Photos of Installed Fastway Pegs

So, I took more photos to compare the original pegs with the Fastway pegs in the low position. What I should have done is use a tripod with a camera installed, all in the same position and take a "before" and "after" shot.

What I have are two shots, done free hand at different times of day and different lighting. At least I could crop them kind of similar. Also used an image editing tool to get them layered appropriately and with about the same rotation / angle:

OEM Footpegs

Fastway Footpegs in Low Position
As you can see the fastway pegs are significantly lower. I like the position a lot as it gives me much more leg room. Unfortunately, I haven't measured the distance of seat to peg with the originals, but with the Fastway pegs it's about 57cm (~22.44 inches). My estimate is that they are a bit more than inch lower than the OEM GS pegs.

The only thing that annoys me a little bit is that the shifter is now slightly too high. I can't tilt it down more as it gets in the way with the springs of the sidestand. I can deal with it and will probably get used to it but I would prefer it to be a bit lower. Will have to see what can be done about this.

The comfort is very good, there is much more room for the feet, the traction for the boots is better, and I don't get noticeably more vibrations. Still thinking of using some rubber inserts to make it even more comfortable, but that's undecided. For now, I'm looking for a solution for the shifting lever position. It's either a "get used to it", or "change it" thing. I'll give it a few days to find out whether I'll get used to it or whether it bothers me.


  1. Nice Job!!!

    What if you just unscrew & release shift bar and re-joined it with little bit down angle to ground and screw to tight? It will not work that way?

    ps: came to know your blog via Advrider & I think it is quite cool blog. I will visit your blog time to time from Korea

  2. There is a way to do fine adjustment within the attachment arms that go to the gear box, but I haven't done that yet. It's only a fine adjustment though.

    The adjustment on the lever itself can't go lower as it will lower the lever around 11mm with a single tooth. That's too much and will hit the side stand springs.

    I will try the adjustment under the bike and will take photos when I do it and see where that leaves me.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the nice comment about the blog. I'll continue posting and try to add valuable information ...