13 August 2010

First Ride after Throttle Body Sync

Today I did my first ride after the throttle body sync during the 600 mile service yesterday. I rode home yesterday of course, but it was too short to get an impression. Today I took the slightly longer way home (15 miles instead of 4 miles) and it was pretty obvious that it is much better now. Less vibrations, runs smoother. Vibrations between 3k and 4k rpm are pretty much gone now, only there under load.

So far I'm now really happy with the bike. As I also don't get headaches anymore when doing highway runs, I can also go touring now. I only tried a 1 hour run two days ago as I very much prefer to stay off the highway but I really wanted to know. And this is good now too. I'm still using the OEM windshield and get some wind right against the helmet at visor level which is not optimal for noise, to be honest it is really loud! I'm always using ear plugs, so it's not a real problem but still ... I have Adventure Winglets on order at SJ BMW and will see how much they do with regard to wind noise as lots of the noise seems to come from air coming around the bottom of the windshield. Still, I'm not unhappy with the standard screen, so as long as I'm not planning long tours that is okay.

For long tours it's just nicer to have less noise plus a communication system to talk to my lovely wife! If we plan something like this or if I start riding longer tours, I'll probably get a Givi Airflow and be done with it. One thing I learned is a windshield needs to be adjustable. Everything else just plain doesn't work.

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