22 August 2010

600 Mile Service Checklist

Since I had the R in the shop for the 600 mile service, I thought I'd post what was done / checked on my bike:

  • Setting service-due date and countdown distance
  • Reading fault memory with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Engine oil change, with filter
  • Changing oil in rear wheel drive
  • Checking brake-fluid level, front
  • Checking brake-fluid level, rear
  • Checking freedom of movement of Bowden cables and checking for kinks and chafing
  • Checking tire tread depth and tire pressure
  • Checking spoke tension, adjust if necessary (I have spoke wheels)
  • Checking lights and signaling equipment
  • Function test, engine start suppression
  • Check the synchronization
  • Final inspection and check of road-worthiness
  • Reading fault memory with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system
  • Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation

I found it interesting that the final drive oil was changed and I plan to do this again at 6k miles on my own if it isn't included in the service. Also interesting that they checked the fault memory twice, maybe just to make sure nothing got messed up during the service.


  1. "Setting service-due date and countdown distance"

    Does this mean that there's a built-in service nagger in the instrumentation?

  2. I quote from the manual:

    "If the next service is due in less than one month, the date for the next service 1 is shown briefly after the Pre-Ride Check completes. In this example the reading means "March 2010".

    If the motorcycle covers long distances in the course of the year, under certain circumstances it might be necessary to have it serviced at a date in advance of the forecast due date. If the countdown distance to the odometer reading at which a service will be due is less than 1000 km, the distance is counted down in steps of 100 km 2 and is shown briefly after the Pre-Ride Check completes.

    If service is overdue, the due date or the odometer reading at which service was due is accompanied by the 'General' warning light showing yellow. The word "Service" remains permanently visible.

    If the sevice-due indicator appears more than a month before the service date, the date saved in the instrument cluster must be adjusted. This situation can occur if the battery was disconnected for a prolonged period of time. If you want to have the date set consult a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer."

  3. Guido:

    this is one reason alone not to purchase a BMW. They are forcing you to always take it back to the dealer, even though you may be proficient enough to do your own servicing. A lot of vehicles used to have this feature which meant you were always held captive by the dealer. I believe most makes now let the owner reset by pushing a sequence of buttons.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Hi Bob,

    I wouldn't go so far to say it's a reason not to buy a BMW. A lot of people are not conscious about service and especially if they buy something that "should just work, regardless of what I do to it".

    I'm not aware of a sequence of buttons that can be used but GS911 can be used to reset the values. Or you can do your service and have a friendly dealer reset it for you.


  5. Thanks for the explanation. I'm pretty sure my friendly local BMW dealer would be happy to charge shop labor rates to reset the counter. :)

    Do you plan on doing your own maintenance on this bike once it's out of warranty?

  6. I think my friendly dealer would actually do it for me for free as I'm a good customer for them.

    Regarding my own maintenance, yes I do plan on doing this once it's out of warranty and I'm also planning tasks that are not done as often during normal service intervals (final drive and gear box oil changes) to catch potential problems early.

    For this, I'll probably also get the GS911 sooner or later and therefore have no problem resetting the service reminders.